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Worker dies after high levels of carbon monoxide found in home under construction

A worker at a home under construction in Winnipeg has died after high levels of carbon monoxide were detected inside.

The city said the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service (WFPS) was called to a home on Beck Cove just after 8 p.m. on Wednesday. When paramedics went inside, the city said carbon monoxide detectors on their bags went off right away, indicating unsafe levels in the house.

Inside the home, paramedics evacuated bystanders who were providing medical care to an unresponsive man. The man died at the scene, the city said.

Two bystanders were treated by paramedics, one of which was taken to hospital in unstable condition. The paramedics that were first on the scene were also taken to hospital for treatment.

The city said firefighters took readings in the house, which showed over 2,000 parts per million inside. The house was ventilated by crews.

The city said it is believed a gas-powered pump that was running inside was the cause of the carbon monoxide.

A spokesperson for the province said Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) was notified that a worker from Artista Homes was found unresponsive at 33 Beck Cove.

“A stop-work order has been issued on the gas-powered equipment and WSH is continuing to follow up,” the spokesperson said.

CTV News Winnipeg has reached out to Artista Homes for comment.


People are being reminded that carbon monoxide is “extremely dangerous” and that the gas has no colour, odour or taste.

If someone is suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, there are multiple symptoms to watch for including headache, nausea, dizziness, confusion, vision and hearing impairment, and shortness of breath.

People are told to leave their homes immediately and call 911 if they suspect carbon monoxide inside. It is recommended that a carbon monoxide alarm be installed on every floor of a home.

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