Winnipeg store forced to shut down before having the chance to open

WINNIPEG — COVID-19 and the latest round of lockdowns in the province are causing one local business to shut down, all before it had the chance to open its doors.

We Heart Winnipeg has been selling clothes and other items online, and back in April, the owners had planned to open a pop-up shop.

However, that plan was halted because of the province’s first lockdown.

As things started to open up again and move into summer, owner Ryan Bowman said they weren’t going to put their lives on hold because of the pandemic and looked at opening up a permanent location.

“We actually had our final inspection scheduled for this Friday, then found out just yesterday that nonessential is going to be closed,” said Bowman.

So once again, Bowman said the store had to close its doors before opening.

He noted they were not blindsided by the announcement to lockdown.

“We knew something would be done, something had to give. So we were kind of prepared for it, which if anything is a bit of a silver lining,” he said, adding they were always focused on the best-case scenario.

Bowman said despite the disappointing news, he knows some businesses are suffering a lot worse than his.

He is encouraging Manitobans, who are able to do it, to support local and help their “neighbours” through this tough time.

As for what the plan is now, Bowman said it is business as usual because they still have an online store that they have been running for the past year.

Bowman hopes they will be able to finally open their store in 2021.

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