Winnipeg police union says city backed out of downtown parkade deal

Winnipeg’s police union says city staff are backing out of an agreement that would see a “safe and secure” downtown parking facility for officers.

“I suppose we shouldn’t be that surprised by the recent turn of events, considering this isn’t the first time the city administration has tried to go back on a deal during Mayor Brian Bowman’s tenure in office,” said WPA President Maurice Sabourin in a press release.

“We’ve seen their inability to properly manage labour negotiations play out on numerous occasions, most notably with the WPS pensions several years ago.”

The union has been pushing for a secure parkade exclusively for police officers for years. Officers have been assaulted on their way in and out of the downtown headquarters. The union says this is a workplace safety matter, and the city is responsible.

The union said they reached a deal in February, and the Winnipeg Parking Authority was working on details.

But the union said they recently heard “senior leaders” at the city won’t implement the agreement. Now, they’re going back to arbitration.

“We frankly do not understand why the city administration is refusing to honour its word this time, but we are once again taking every possible step to protect the rights of our members via legal action, and we will be seeking damages for bad faith as part of this process,” Sabourin said in the release.

The City of Winnipeg did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

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