Winnipeg mayoral candidate Gillingham promises to raise $42M a year through property tax, frontage levy hikes

Winnipeg mayoral candidate Scott Gillingham says he would raise an additional $42 million a year through property tax and frontage levy hikes if he’s elected later this month.

The two-term St. James councillor promised Tuesday to raise property taxes by 3.5 per cent next year, a hike that would bring in $24 million in additional revenue in 2023, his campaign said in a statement.

Most of that hike — 2.3 percentage points — would be devoted to road renewals and rapid transit, Gillingham’s campaign said. The remaining 1.2 percentage points would be spent on transit, transportation, recreation and services in general.

Gillingham also promised to increase frontage levies to raise an additional $18 million a year.

In a statement, Gillingham accused rival mayoral candidate Glen Murray of making “billions of dollars” worth of campaign promises without specifying where the money would come from.

Murray’s campaign has been asked for comment.

Bokhari pledges to seize derelict homes

Rana Bokhari became the latest Winnipeg mayoral candidate to promise to seize derelict homes and convert them into housing.

Bokhari promised Tuesday to use existing city rules to seize derelict homes and then offer them up for free to Habitat for Humanity and other non-profit organizations.

A woman stands speaking into microphones, with a construction site behind her.
Mayoral candidate Rana Bokhari, shown in a September photo, said Tuesday she will seize derelict homes and convert them into housing if elected on Oct. 26. (Jeff Stapleton/CBC)

Earlier in the campaign, candidate Jenny Motkaluk made a similar pledge, promising to seize derelict homes and auction them off to private developers.

Motkaluk, Bokhari, Murray and Gillingham are among 11 candidates running for mayor. Idris Adelakun, Chris Clacio, Kevin Klein, Shaun Loney, Robert-Falcon Ouellette, Rick Shone and Don Woodstock are also on the ballot.

Advance polling is open in Winnipeg until Oct. 21.

Election day is Oct. 26.

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