Winnipeg man searching for ‘angels’ who saved him from cardiac arrest

WINNIPEG — A cardiac arrest while driving his wife to a doctor’s appointment left Jose Ferriera blank faced, lying on the street in traffic, with his wife in a massive panic unable to pick up the phone to call for help.

“Opened the door, collapsed. Straight flat on my back, hands out, that was it,” said Ferriera.

Ferriera was fortunate that two ladies finishing their shift at Health Sciences Centre drove by and stopped. They took over, yelling at someone to call 911 and performing CPR until first responders arrived.

“To me, it’s all nothing but a big blank,” said Ferriera. “It’s a strange feeling that I can’t recall anything from that period.”

Details are cloudy for his wife as well. That’s why Ferriera, from a St. Boniface Hospital bed, is putting out the call for help finding the two ladies who saved his life.

The incident happened on Salter Street near Madison Avenue on the afternoon of January 2.

“I need to do something for them. I need to thank them,” he said, “If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here talking about this.”

Ferriera is currently waiting for a medical procedure before being released from the hospital. He says while he’s feeling OK, his heart is only operating at a 20 per cent capacity. But without his two mystery helpers’ assistance, he said his doctor told him he might not have survived.

“I just need to acknowledge the fact they were angels sent by somebody that basically kept me alive,” Ferriera said.

The word is now out to find them at HSC client relations and on social media.

“Somebody has to know these people, somebody has to, it can’t be that hard to find somebody like that,” said Ferriera.

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