Winnipeg Jets’ Mark Scheifele introduces team to his pet goats — named after 2 other GOATs

You could say two of the Winnipeg Jets’ newest honorary members are the GOAT. 

That’s because they actually are, well, goats. 

Winnipeg Jets centre Mark Scheifele recently adopted two pet goats and named the little ones after NFL quarterback Tom Brady and golf star Tiger Woods, two athletes known as the GOAT (or “greatest of all time”) in their own sports.

Scheifele says he has been a goat owner for just over a month, and that the new additions are getting along famously with his dog, Oliver. 

“Them and Oliver are becoming best buddies,” he said following practice Monday, as reported by

Scheifele brought Tom and Tiger to that practice, he said — which not everyone was happy about.

“They’re fun little guys. They’re energetic. They’re pretty fun to hang out with so I brought them to the rink the other day. They were buzzing around on the ice so it was pretty cool to see that,” he said. 

“I don’t think the trainers were too happy because they kind of pooped everywhere.”

LISTEN | Winnipeg Jets centre Mark Scheifele on being a ‘goat dad’:

8:02New Goat-dad Winnipeg Jet Mark Scheifele sparks interest in keeping goats as pets

After Winnipeg Jet, Mark Scheifele adopted 2 goats you might be wondering if you should too. Louise May has a couple dozen goats at Aurora Farm in St. Norbert. She talks to Faith Fundal about the good and baaaa’d aspects of having a goat as a pet. 8:02

If you’re wondering whether a goat might make a good pet for you, Louise May at Aurora Farm says they’re great companions — but you need to put some time and research into how to care for them properly. 

“It’s really important to know what you’re doing. You can’t just have a goat and not understand and not know what you’re doing with goats,” she said.  

May has about a dozen goats on her farm, just south of Winnipeg’s perimeter. She now milks them, but says she first got them as pets. 

“There’s all kinds of interesting things about goats, so many things. But they are wonderful pets,” she said. 

Jet the goat (yes, it’s named after the team) sporting a miniature jersey at Aurora Farm. (Aurora Farm/Facebook)

“The thing about goats is they have personalities, individual personalities.… They’re not like any other herd, in a way.”

For those interested in learning more, May offers a three-day course on how to care for dairy goats. The next class starts on June 4, and registration is open on the Aurora Farm website.

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