Winnipeg child’s unofficial Grade 2 report card draws laughs from parents

A lighthearted report card for a Grade 2 student in Manitoba showcases his love of goalies and ability to nap anytime.

The unofficial report about the student from Mennonite Elementary & Middle Schools has taken off online. Jill Robertson says the report about her son James was spot on.

“I feel like the report card just describes him perfectly,” Robertson said in an interview with CTV. “He is just a really quirky, energetic wild little guy.”

She shared the report on Twitter and the post has more than 5,000 likes and hundreds of retweets.

Teacher Jill Klassen says she couldn’t resist making a fun report.

‘’James’s mom and I are friends outside of school as well,” Klassen said in an interview with CTV. “The first term, she had made a sort of this off (the) cuff joke and said I wish you could write a real report telling me the things that you know. A true report card of all the things you know about him, not just his reading and math.”

James laughed while looking at the report card, reading his teacher’s comments about “losing his shoes at last once per day often more. Losing every single pen, eraser, and whiteboard marker that I give him.”

One of the report card’s challenges says James loses his shoes at least once a day – which makes sense since he takes his shoes off for his naps. Klassen said his ability to prioritize his mental health and nap any time and any place is a strength.

The report card also highlights his passion for eating lunch, reading, and talking about goalies. The boy’s love of reading is in his genes. His father is author David Robertson.

‘’It’s really nice to know your kid’s teachers like really know who they are and appreciate them,” Robertson said. ‘’He did read it and was laughing the whole time he was reading the report card.”

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