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Winnipeg cat rescue urgently searching for foster homes

The founder of a Winnipeg cat rescue is feeling overwhelmed after a dozen orphaned cats were left in her care with nowhere to house them.

Jennifer Laferriere runs Miss J. La’s Fur Babies Cat Café and Adoption Centre.

She got a call Monday night about some orphaned cats in need of new homes.

“They contacted me and said that someone they knew had passed away. When they went in there, they thought they only had two cats but in fact, they have 12 and they need homes for them.”

(Source: Jennifer Laferriere)

The caller said they had to leave on a vacation Wednesday morning, giving Laferriere less than two days to find foster homes for the cats. However, Laferriere’s café and adoption centre are full with growing wait-lists.

She was eventually able to find a foster home for the mother cat and four kittens. Another adult male cat and six, six-month-old kittens still haven’t been spoken for.

Laferriere was worried about what would happen to them, as the person who called said they were going to take the cats they couldn’t house to stay at a barn.

“I’m a little concerned because I don’t want them just thrown anywhere, and they also aren’t spayed or neutered, so this could just continue the problem of populating.”

The cats are currently being housed temporarily at a home in Winnipeg. Laferriere is going to take them Wednesday, but seven still need homes.

An eligible foster home offers a safe, indoor environment with extra room away from any other pets, as the cats haven’t been properly vetted yet. Laferriere will provide food and will pay for vet services.

“It’s quite a thing to take on for our rescue. Twelve cats can be very costly, but I do want to help them and that’s what I’m thinking about right now, is getting them to a safe place.”

Anyone interested in fostering is asked to contact Laferriere on the adoption centre’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

If you aren’t able to foster, donations are also appreciated.

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