Why some Winnipeggers opted to give up their warm beds for a night

A group of Winnipeggers opted to give up their warm beds for a night to raise money to put an end to homelessness.

On Tuesday night, about 15 to 20 people slept in their cars in a Winnipeg parking garage as part of the ‘One Night’ event.

The goal of the event, which was put on by the Raising the Roof charity, was to give people a small taste of what life is like for many Canadians experiencing homelessness. It also helps to raise money for Raising the Roof, which helps to prevent and alleviate homelessness.

Jerni Stewart, a youth ambassador with Raising the Roof, said due to inflation, it’s especially important right now to help those experiencing homelessness and provide affordable housing.

“After COVID, we’ve all kind of experienced what it’s like to either see a cut in income, or a lot of people have been experiencing homelessness, especially since then,” Stewart said.

The money from the ‘One Night’ event will go to Raising the Roof’s homelessness prevention programs. This includes its main program called Reside, which creates affordable housing units and employs people facing employment barriers. The money will also support local, frontline agencies serving the homeless.

Raising the Roof’s annual Toque Campaign is also underway. Through this initiative, people can buy toques with their money going to the creation of affordable housing.

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