‘We’ve been booked since August’: Winnipeggers busy shoveling snow

The shovel scraping the ground is a sound synonymous with winter.

For Winnipegger Eric Eisbrenner, clearing snow might not be his favourite chore but he’s dedicated to keeping his driveway and sidewalk clear.

“Every time it snows, I’m out there,” Eisbrenner said. “I have to keep it going, otherwise it piles up and it’s that much harder.”

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But as Eisbrenner and his neighbours are busy clearing their own property, others pay for help.

“We’ve had requests starting already in May of this year so we’ve been booked since August, September and we have a long waiting list right now,” said Graham Dreger, owner of Terrace Property Maintenance.

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Dreger’s company can’t keep up with the demand. Between residential and commercial clients, the schedule is fully booked.

“We work 24/7 when it snows,” Dreger said. “In between periods there’s some lulls, but in a snowstorm like this that spans over three days, we are working around the clock.”

Read more: As much as 20 cm of snow to fall in parts of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick

Some of Dreger’s clients are simply worn out after last season’s snow dump, which is why they chose to outsource to him. Other clients aren’t physically able to shovel anymore.

As for Eisbrenner, he takes pride in keeping his space clear.

“As long as I can do it, I’ll be doing it,’ Eisbrenner said. “Once it comes to the stage I can’t do it then I have to look for someone else to be doing it.”

Even if shoveling means he needs a midday nap afterward.

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