Victim’s fiancé angry over Iran’s compensation offer

Iran’s compensation offer to the families of victims of the downed Ukrainian International flight PS752 has been called a publicity stunt and “a slap in the face.”

A Winnipeg man whose fiancée died on Jan. 8 after the plane was shot down by two Iranian missiles, said Iran’s proposal to pay US$150,000 for each victim is nothing but a ploy to assuage international scrutiny leading up to the crash’s one-year anniversary.

Forough Khadem graduated in 2016 from the University of Manitoba with a PhD in immunology. (Submitted by Amir Shirzadi)

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Jude Uzonna, professor of immunology and medical microbiology and Associate Dean of Research at the University of Manitoba’s Max Rady College of Medicine Research, was Forough Khadem’s PhD advisor and calls her ‘a champion of humanity.’ 0:32

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