The forgotten campus of the University of Manitoba is being highlighted online

A glimpse of what the University of Manitoba used to look like is available online for everyone to see.

Wayne Chan, a research computer analyst at the U of M’s Centre for Earth Observation Science, created a virtual map on Google Earth. The map, called the Lost Campus tour, showcases areas of the University of Manitoba that no longer exist in the present day.

“We put it up last week, and we’re getting a good response to it right now,” Chan said.

The map includes icons showing the approximate location for the former places on campus.

The locations highlighted on the map include a rifle range, which was originally used for training in the Second World War before transitioning into a space for the university’s shooting club members; a sensory deprivation research area; and a former nap room space for students.

Chan said the initial research for the project was a challenge due to the COVID-19 pandemic and rules limiting staff on campus. He relied a lot on staff with the archives and special collections on campus to help gather material.

“They were my eyes and ears on campus,” he said.

Chan said the pictures and map show how the University of Manitoba’s campus has evolved through its history.

“Initially, the campus was designed like a pastoral campus where all the buildings were clustered close together,” he said. “But, as the campus grew, they couldn’t follow that design anymore.”

Chan added it will be hard to predict what the campus will look like in the next 100 years.

The map can be viewed here.

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