Salvation Army closing Thompson operations, including food bank, thrift store

The Salvation Army is closing down its operations in Thompson, Man. 

The non-profit runs a thrift store, food bank and church in the northern city, all of which will be closed down by the end of June. 

Al Hoeft, a spokesperson for the Salvation Army, said there was no one specific reason for the decision, only that it was the result of reviewing the organization’s services and resource allocation nationwide.

“The reality is on a regular basis, we try to evaluate the work in any given community to make sure that the operation is still viable and sustainable in the long term,” he said Wednesday.

The charity also found that there were other organizations in the area that provide similar services, he said. 

“There is potential for other agencies to pick up some of the food bank work that we were doing, as well as there are a couple of other thrift stores in the community that will continue that work after our departure.”

Hoeft said the Salvation Army will still provide emergency and disaster relief through its office in Flin Flon, about 275 kilometres to the southwest of Thompson.

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