Province to address low water levels in Grand Beach Lagoon

Work is underway to improve water flow between Lake Winnipeg and Grand Beach Lagoon, according to a release from the province.

The province said historically water has flowed between the two bodies of water, but ongoing low levels has negatively affected recreational boating and fishing opportunities.

“For more than a decade, low channel levels between the Grand Beach Lagoon and Lake Winnipeg have been a concern for many cottagers, park visitors and boaters,” said Climate, Environment and Parks Minister Jeff Wharton in a release.

To increase the flow, the province will excavate the channel that connects the two bodies of water by digging down about one metre below the average water level of the lake. The province expects the channel to be about one metre deep in an average year.

This should allow small- to medium-sized boats to pass through the channel, but an existing bridge will also limit the size of the watercraft.

“The changing dynamic of water flow within the channel has long been a concern for the Grand Beach Cottage Owners’ Association and we are happy to see the prioritization of the project,” said Carly Friesen, president, Grand Beach Cottage Owners’ Association in a statement.

“Projects such as these have a positive impact on the natural environment within Grand Beach Provincial Park and will assist with the long-term viability of recreational activities between the natural lagoon and Lake Winnipeg,”

The project is expected to cost $180,000 and is part of a larger $8 million initiative to upgrade wastewater infrastructure within Grand Beach Provincial Park.

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