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Proposed Roblin boulevard development approved by committee

A long-gestating housing project in the city’s Charleswood neighbourhood cleared a hurdle at a city committee Wednesday.

The city’s appeals committee approved a development at 4025 Roblin Blvd. at Wednesday’s meeting.

The plan would add 199 housing units in the area, including a four-storey building with 101 multi-family units, according to a report. This would be in addition to the 33 units already in the same area.

A plan for the area was initially approved in February 2022 following a rezoning to allow more than 200 housing units. However, the approval was removed several months later following an appeal over the number of units.

Daniel Serhal, who owns the property, said during the meeting he scaled back plans for the site to the current numbers.

The city received an appeal of the plan from Vincent Corbin, a resident in the area.

“With its location I still feel traffic will be negatively impacted,” Corbin wrote in his appeal. “Charleswood is known for its green spaces which we lose more of with each new building added. Even at 45 feet, I feel this building will stand out.

“Two buildings have been built in Charleswood recently and both of them tower over everything around them. There are plenty of places in Winnipeg where these buildings make more sense.”

Brent Horrill, a resident speaking against the appeal, said green space is important to the area, and the new choice helps preserve more of it for neighbours.

“Do we want the place to be all green space? Of course we do. We’re selfish that way,” he said.

“Reality says, this is what we can do. Mr. Serhal, how can we compromise? And this is the compromise we came out of.”

Nobody registered to speak in favour the appeal on Wednesday.

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