Project offers new strategies for parents teaching their children at home

WINNIPEG — A new Manitoba initiative can give parents new ideas on how to teach their children while they’re at home.

Toy Box is an at-home learning initiative from the University of Winnipeg offering parents and caregivers new ideas on how to teach literacy, numeracy and wellness activities in the home.

The strategies are for children aged two to eight. They are evidence-based and were compiled by a group parents, educators and students from around the province.

“These ideas are meant to plant seeds for quality opportunities you can do with your family,” said Sheri-Lynn Skwarchuk, an education professor and director of developmental studies at the University of Winnipeg.

First released in the spring, new funding by Safe at Home Manitoba has allowed for a second set of strategies to be released.

Starting Monday, January 18, people can sign up via email or Facebook, and will receive online activity suggestions for the home.

“During a pandemic, we’re not really sure how much academic exposure children are receiving outside of the home and so we want to make sure children are prepared for school and for life,” said Skwarchuk.

“They are free, non-partisan, and they come to you and you get to decide as the expert of your child’s learning what might be helpful to you.

To access the strategies all you have to do is email or visit the Toy Box Manitoba Facebook page.

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