Overland flood warning expanded as more rain is set to hit southeastern Manitoba

An overland flood warning that was issued on Sunday has been expanded in Manitoba as parts of the province prepare to see up to 75 millimetres of rain over the next 48 hours.

In the latest flood bulletin, the province said the warning has been expanded for areas east of Provincial Trunk Highway (PTH) 5, from the U.S. border to the PTH 1 and south of Lake Manitoba.

Flood warnings have also been put in place for the Pembina River system.

“Depending on the amount and intensity of rain, water levels could rise rapidly and threaten low-lying or nearby properties as well as roads, crossings and other infrastructure,” the province said in a release.

With the expected storm, the province also anticipates strong winds which could impact lake levels.

Currently, the province is most concerned with lakes Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipegosis and Dauphin, and the wind could increase the lake levels by more than five feet.

Doyle Piwniuk, the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, said they have been working with residents in these areas, specifically Lake Winnipeg, noting they are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

Johanu Botha, head of Manitoba’s Emergency Management Organization, said there are roughly 50 communities along the shorelines of these lakes where work is being done to help limit water damage.

“We’re deploying sandbags, we’re looking at Tiger Tubes, and we are looking at sump pumping,” said Botha.

Piwniuk said they want to make Manitobans and their properties remain safe during these storms.

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