Naps, snacks and a 24-hour deadline: How 5 young animators beat the clock and won

Imagine a world where people have instant outfits and disposable faces in plastic packages. They can can whip out a new look and toss an old one in an instant.

That’s the consumerism-focused future created in Superflous, a 30-second animation created by five 18-year-olds Sisler High School in Winnipeg.

The team, who call themselves Team Clam, took top prize for best high school in the recent 24 Hours Animation Contest for Students. They also were seventh overall out of 300 films from about 80 schools in 20 countries.

“We work really well together because we’re so used to the [communication] pipeline and so used to each other,” said Sam Balanial, a concept artist and animator on Team Clam (which is a mash-up of two previous team names).

That communication stream included a 24-hour-long video call. The cameras stayed on as team members took turns napping and snacking while others worked.

That is a big deal– Aubry Mintz, contest founder

Their work won not only the contest, but recognition from a world-class animator.

“There’s a high school [Sisler] that can be just as strong as a college, and that is a big deal,” said contest founder Aubry Mintz, a renowned animator who has worked for George Lucas’s Industrial Light and Magic. 

In the real world, 30 seconds of animation would take three to five months to create, said Mintz, who is based in California. 

The winning team — Xierra Cansino, Kimberley Chau, Gian Abad, Francesca Musni and Balanial — are now at the heart of a new short video by fellow Sisler filmmaking students. 

Filmmaking students Kaitlyn Caballero, Shaina Maralit and Min Hecky Tresoor, all 18-year-olds in Sisler’s post-high school Create program, produced a short video about the team as part of CBC Manitoba’s Project POV. 

CBC Manitoba started collaborating with Sisler Create in September during a series of storytelling and journalism workshops for student filmmakers. The collaboration is culminating in nine short videos by students that will be published on CBC platforms, including this one. 

Meet the filmmakers

Kaitlyn Caballero graduated from Sisler High School in 2022 and is pursuing a career in graphic design. She has a strong visual arts background and likes to spend her free time painting and hanging out with friends. (Carmen Acuna)
​Min Hecky Tresoor took graphic design at Sisler High School for three years before graduating in 2022. They want to further pursue graphic design as well as filmmaking and editing. In their free time, they enjoy playing ‘cozy’ video games, watching vlogs, and hanging out with their cats. (Carmen Acuna)
Shaina Maralit graduated from Sisler High School in 2022. She loves filmmaking and editing. If you don’t see her holding a camera, she is probably busy dancing in her room. (Carmen Acuna)

More on Project POV: Sisler Create 


CBC Manitoba’s Project POV: Sisler Create is a new storytelling collaboration that partners filmmaking students with CBC journalists to produce short videos.

During fall 2022, CBC journalists led storytelling and producing workshops over several weeks with filmmaking students at the Create program at Sisler High School. The post-high school program focuses on education and career pathways into the creative industries. Students can take courses in animation, film, game design, visual effects, graphic design and interactive digital media. 

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