Most Manitobans having positive experiences with hospital health-care: report

A new report out of the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) has found that most Manitobans have positive experiences with the health-care system in hospitals.

The information, released on Thursday, shows how Canadians feel about the care they received at the hospital. This also marks the first time the Crown corporation is releasing patient experience survey data at the hospital level.

CIHI surveyed care at 260 hospitals across the country, asking patients about their experiences with communication, decision-making, and understanding of treatment.

During the survey process, CIHI surveyed more than 10,000 Manitobans and found that 62 per cent said their overall hospital experience was very good, while 23 per cent said it was good, and 14 per cent said they had a poor overall experience.

According to the report, one of the key factors of overall patient experience is strong communication with doctors and nurses – an area in which Manitobans were largely satisfied.

The survey shows that 71 per cent of Manitobans said communication with doctors was very good, 27 per cent said it was good, and two per cent said it was poor.

As for communication with nurses, the numbers were similar. Sixty-nine per cent of Manitoba residents said communication with nurses was very good, 30 per cent said it was good, and one per cent said it was poor.

Another way in which hospitals can help to improve a patient’s quality of life is through an efficient discharge from the facility.

According to CIHI, an effective discharge process allows a patient to walk away with a good understanding of their prescribed medications, plentiful information on what to do if they are worried about their condition, and a good understanding of their condition.

CIHI found that 59 per cent of the Manitobans surveyed had very good information and understanding when leaving the hospital, 35 per cent had a good understanding, while seven per cent had poor information and understanding.

The area in which Manitobans expressed the most dissatisfaction with the health-care system was in their involvement in the decision-making process.

CIHI found that 52 per cent of Manitobans said that their own or their friends’ and family’s involvement in making decisions about treatment was very good. Thirty-two per cent said the involvement was good, and 15 per cent said it was poor.

The Crown corporation noted that learning about a patient’s experience during their stay at the hospital is important for understanding the overall health system performance. This data can help health-care providers, hospitals and health regions improve the patient experience and be more responsive to people’s needs.

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