More than 200 homes issued evacuation notices in RM of Ritchot

More than 200 homes in the Municipality of Ritchot have been issued evacuation notices due to rising waters.

The municipality had declared a state of local emergency in April due to rising flood waters, and in an update Friday evening, issued evacuation notices to 231 homes within the community.

“As the river rises and more Provincial and Municipal roads become compromised, Municipal staff are assessing these roadways daily,” an update from the RM released Friday reads. “Intentions are to issue evacuation orders prior to the roadway becoming compromised by water.”

For residents planning to battle the flood waters, the municipality said it has issued 140,000 sandbags to residents and has a stockpile of 240,000 sandbags which are available for free delivery.

More information about the flood measures in the municipality can be found online.

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