More in-car practice, less classroom time among MPI driver education overhaul

More time online and fewer classroom hours are part of changes coming to MPI’s driver education program.

The “Driver Z” program will launch as a pilot project in 20 high schools across the province with a full roll-out expected in the fall.

Some of the changes include a reduction in classroom time from 34 hours to 20 hours and an increase in supervised in-car practice with a co-pilot from the current 24 hours to 45 hours.

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Students will also have to successfully complete 12 hours of online work before the first class.

“Kids like to do a lot of this stuff online,” said Maria Minenna, manager of driver education and training at MPI.

“And the online component gears them to self-learning and taking it in smaller bite-sized pieces and they can learn at their own pace.

“Research also shows us that parent involvement is a huge thing,” Minenna added.

Students will also receive feedback on instructor-led in-car lessons once which is aimed at helping co-pilot practice time.

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