Missing man found dead in overland flood water: RCMP

A missing 25-year-old man was found dead in the overland flood water near a Manitoba highway on Sunday, according to the Manitoba RCMP.

Police said Steven Froese was found in the water near Highway 23, west of Morris. Police do not suspect criminality in his death.

RCMP noted that overland flood water still covers most of the area around Morris.

Police said Froese’s car had been driven past a barricade and was sitting in about 12 inches of water. Although Highway 23 is no longer covered in water, the fields are still submerged.

The news of Froese’s death comes after police received a report of an abandoned car on a closed section of Highway 23 last Wednesday.

Police tried to find the owner of the vehicle, but were unsuccessful. Officers then asked the public for help in finding Froese.

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