MBLL changes approach to allowing minors in Liquor Marts

Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries (MBLL) has confirmed that customers can now bring minors, aged 11 and under, into Liquor Mart stores.

In a statement from Manny Atwal, MBLL president and CEO, he said that this policy has been in place since Sept. 20. The statement notes that children don’t need an ID to enter with a customer; however customers will still need to show an ID and are responsible for the behaviour of the children they bring into the store.

Customers also need to ensure the kids they bring into the store always remain with them. Minors are not permitted to touch or handle any of the products.

Atwal said that MBLL has decided to allow minors into the stores after “extensive consideration, discussion with employees, and piloting at a number of our stores with success.”


This news comes after MBLL implemented controlled entrances at Liquor Mart stores following a spike in thefts. These entrances require customers to show valid photo ID to a security guard. IDs are scanned before the person is allowed in the store.

Atwal said controlled entrances have been “highly effective.” He noted that many of the liquor thefts involved minors, which is why the Crown corporation had to find a solution that “addressed unfettered access to the stores by minors.”

Liquor and Lotteries said that now that it has managed to restore safety to its stores, it is fine-tuning its approach so customer convenience is impacted as little as possible.

“Some customers with children find it difficult to find childcare and cannot easily shop with us under the no-minors policy,” Atwal said in his statement.

“We are now at a place where our controlled entrance procedures are well-enough established and refined that we are confident in allowing minors 11 and under back into our stores.”

Atwal said he is confident this updated approach will allow for equitable access to all customers, while still keeping everyone safe and feeling confident in shopping at Liquor Marts.

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