Mayoral candidate calls for more garbage bins in Winnipeg’s high-density areas

A Winnipeg mayoral candidate says the city needs new garbage bins to clean up neighbourhoods.

Rick Shone wants the city to buy new secure garbage bins, as well as bins equipped with sensors that detect when they are getting full.

Shone said if elected, he would also increase the frequency of garbage collection in areas where it’s needed, particularly in inner-city neighbourhoods like the West End and the downtown core.

“In core areas like this, in high-density areas, some of these areas are already stigmatized,” he said in an interview Tuesday, standing at the corner of Sherbrook Street and Sargent Avenue.

“Litter everywhere, and lack of effective pickup, really actually serves to further stigmatize areas like … this in the downtown core.”

Shone proposed giving $2 million to community groups like the West End BIZ to pay for more garbage pickup crews.

He also wants to add 250 garbage bins in areas around the inner city and downtown. Shone promised to push the city to increase collection frequency, particularly during winter months.

“In some areas it needs to be daily. In some areas, like around our shelters, it needs to be hourly,” he said.

“And that’s why we need to partner with the organizations that are already doing this, so that they have the resources, they have the bins nearby that they can do this job and keep the streets clean.”

Murray promises downtown street party

Also on Tuesday, mayoral candidate Glen Murray promised to revive the downtown street parties he held during his first term as the city’s mayor.

Murray says if he’s elected next week, he will revive Get Together Downtown, the street party the city held at the corner of Portage and Main in 2001 and 2002.

Performers at those events included Great Big Sea, the Commitments and the Nylons. Each of those events cost approximately $750,000, with corporate sponsors covering part of the tab.

The city did not hold the festivals during Murray’s abbreviated second term.

Great Big Sea, seen here in an image from 2016, performed at Get Together Downtown when Murray was Winnipeg’s mayor. (Getty Images)

Murray also pledged Tuesday to support the Winnipeg Football Club’s bid to host the 2024 or 2025 Grey Cup.

Murray and Shone are among 11 candidates running for mayor. Idris Adelakun, Rana Bokhari, Chris Clacio, Scott Gillingham, Kevin Klein, Shaun Loney, Jenny Motkaluk, Robert-Falcon Ouellette and Don Woodtock are also on the ballot.

Advance polls in Winnipeg are open until Oct. 21. Election day is Oct. 26.

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