Manitobans vaccinated against COVID-19 can now get proof-of-immunization records

People in Manitoba will now be able to access and print out proof they’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19, the province says.

Manitobans with a valid Manitoba Health card and a personal email address can access the information on the same Shared Health online portal used to see COVID-19 test results, Health Minister Heather Stefanson said in a news release.

That data will show which vaccine they got and when, the news release says.

“We know many Manitobans have asked for their COVID-19 vaccination information from our public health offices,” Stefanson said in the release.

“The new online portal will make this easier for all eligible Manitobans until a more permanent immunization card is available.”

A secure immunization card is in development and will be available in Manitoba later this spring, Stefanson said.

In most cases, it will take about 48 hours before proof of vaccination is available online, though in some cases it could take up to a week, the release says.

People who can’t use the internet or don’t have a health card number can call their public health office to access proof-of-immunization information.

Employers and other parties should not request anyone’s proof of vaccination for any reason, Stefanson said.

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