Manitoba mother searching for son’s stolen prosthetic arm

WINNIPEG — A Manitoba mother is asking the public for help in finding her son’s prosthetic arm after it was taken from her car.

Lyra Barchet said two-and-half-year-old Davy’s prosthetic arm was taken from her car, which was parked on her driveway in Winnipeg’s Wolseley area on Nov. 3. She explained the arm, which is black with a beige hand and a dinosaur sticker on it, may be in a red bag with the War Amps logo on it.

“On Tuesday night I left a bag with his prosthetic arm in the car and when I woke up Wednesday I noticed my car had been rifled through and then later on Wednesday, I realized they’d taken a couple things from the car including the bag with the prosthetic in it,” she said.

Barchet noted that Manitoba Health only pays for a new prosthetic every two years or if a child grows out of it.

She said to get a new one she might have to pay for it herself, with War Amps helping with some of the costs as well.

The mother said it would costs thousands of dollars to replace the prosthetic arm, noting she had to advocate to get Davy a silicon insert and doesn’t know if she’ll be able to get it a second time.

Barchet said the issue however is more about the time it will take to get the new prosthetic because it could be developmental time that Davy needs. She added that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it could take several months to get a new prosthetic arm.

“Kids when they’re young, they grow a lot, the longer he is without (the prosthetic arm), the less likely he is to take to it really well,” she said.

Now Barchet is turning to the public for help in finding the missing prosthetic arm.

“Just look in your back lane, in your garbage can, behind bushes, I think somebody just would’ve chucked it at some point,” she said.

“I don’t think it really is of use to anybody. There’s not many of these War Amp bags around, so if you see someone carrying one, just ask if they have seen it.”

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