Manitoba ‘almost certain’ to see easing of COVID-19 restrictions: Premier

WINNIPEG — Manitoba’s premier has hinted it is ‘almost certain’ that COVID-19 restrictions, which he has touted as the strictest in Canada, will be eased but did not give any clue when that could happen.

Manitoba’s current round of health orders, which have restricted indoor gatherings to household contacts only and limited in-store shopping to essential items only, will expire on January 8, 2021.

Premier Brian Pallister told media on Wednesday that, while restrictions may be eased – the need for Manitobans to remain diligent will remain.

“I think it is almost certain that we see an easing of restrictions,” Pallister said but was mum on any timeline for this potential easing.

“I feel very, very certain as a former coach, parent, teacher, common sense person, that we have to be very, very careful that we remain diligent, that we remain disciplined, that we remain motivated by caring and compassion for those who are more vulnerable.”

Pallister said he anticipates the province will follow a similar approach as it has in the past – by releasing the suggested changes to the health orders and then engage in public consultation through telephone town halls and online surveys.

He continued to urge Manitobans to follow the current health orders that are in place.

“When we show that discipline, we have every reason to be proud of ourselves,” Pallister said. “When we don’t, we have every reason to be ashamed of ourselves.”

This is a developing story. More to come.

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