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Leap Year Alert: Winnipeggers face extra work day without extra pay

In 2024 there’s an extra day in the month of February, which means people will be working an extra day essentially for free.

Every four years is a leap year and Winnipeg Lawyer Nicole Smith says hourly employees benefit but not those on salary.

“Hourly employees, will be compensated regularly for every hour that they work,” she said.

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The Folklore of Leap Years

Smith says those on salaries are not entitled to extra pay or overtime, as it is based on the hours they work per day or week.

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While salary employees are getting the raw end of the stick Smith says at least people won’t have to pay additional expenses. “We don’t pay higher rent this year because there’s one day. We don’t pay a higher cable bill because there’s one extra day of services that we are getting. We don’t pay an additional fee on our car payments.”

Smith says people on a salary don’t have much wiggle room for bargaining and the decision ultimately comes down to the employer regarding whether or not they want to compensate for the extra day.

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