Last-minute Winnipeg mayoral pledges include Alexander Docks renewal, electoral reforms

On the last day before Winnipeg’s election, two mayoral candidates unveiled last-minute promises.

Candidate Rick Shone promised to spend $12 million revitalizing Alexander Docks, the Red River waterfront structure shuttered since 2015, when it was deemed unsafe.

The City of Winnipeg has long-term plans to redevelop the docks, but no money is devoted to the project in the city’s budget outlook. The city plans to spend $647,000 over the next four years on downtown-enhancement measures that include Alexander Docks among 11 other projects.

Shone said if he’s elected mayor, he would devote money to the project, which he said will include a memorial to Tina Fontaine, whose body was found in the river near the docks after she was murdered in 2014.

“My promise is to work hand-in-hand with Indigenous leaders to also build a space to honour the legacy of Tina Fontaine and other missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls,” Shone said in a statement.

Loney promises election reform

Mayoral candidate Shaun Loney promised Tuesday to require future mayoral candidates to cost out their campaigns prior to the start of advance voting.

Loney said if he’s elected, he would ask the provincial government to amend legislation that would require costed campaigns to be released before advance voting starts. 

Loney also said he would require cost-benefit analyses to be conducted on major infrastructure projects before they are deemed election priorities.

He acknowledged both changes would likely not withstand a constitutional challenge.

He said the measures are aimed at rival candidate Glen Murray, who announced revenue plans on the final day of advance voting, and Scott Gillingham, who prioritized the widening of Kenaston Boulevard and the western extension of Chief Peguis Trail.

Gillingham, Murray, Loney and Shone are among 11 candidates for mayor.

Idris Adelakun, Rana Bokhari, Chris Clacio, Kevin Klein, Jenny Motkaluk, Robert-Falcon Ouellette and Don Woodstock are also on the ballot.

Voting takes place Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 8 a.m.

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