Keisha Paul is new host of CBC Manitoba’s Weekend Morning Show

Keisha Paul can get comfortable and fully settle into the hosting chair now — it’s all hers.

And we here at CBC Manitoba want you to get to know the person behind the mic on Saturday and Sunday mornings as our new Weekend Morning Show host.

You’ll already recognize the voice, as Paul has been guest hosting the show since early April. Despite that experience, Paul admits being officially named host was still slightly unnerving.

“I’m a little discombobulated, honestly. I’m Twitterpated, I’m discombobulated and I’m happy,” she told CBC Manitoba Information Radio host Marcy Markusa on Friday.

After all, Paul is still learning the broadcasting ropes, even though she has a wealth of knowledge in many other forms.

She’s a business consultant by trade, a graduate of the University of Manitoba’s Asper School of Business who spent time in the United States, United Kingdom, the Caribbean and Canada.

“It took me around the world, which is really amazing,” Paul said.

Keisha Paul says weekends offer the chance to reflect and reset for the next week and tell stories from the province’s diverse population. (Jhapes Ally Nazarie Gonzalo)

In 2013, she worked as a consultant for Leah Totton, the winner of The Apprentice UK, and in 2018, as a consultant with non-profit SEED Winnipeg, she was a Canadian delegate to the United Nations’ 62nd session of the Commission on the Status of Women.

Journalism, however, was always in the back of her mind. And that voice had been getting louder.

“It was a little tiny piece of me that I hid away and never really thought would happen. Now that it’s here, just looking at you now in Studio 15 is crazy to me right now,” Paul told Markusa.

Paul found her way to CBC Manitoba in December 2021 through the Pathways program, a full-time paid five-month development opportunity in which Indigenous, Black or other people of colour learn the essential elements of working as a reporter in a newsroom.

CBC’s Weekend Morning Show host Keisha Paul is ready to hear, and tell, your stories. (Jhapes Ally Nazarie Gonzalo)

Born in Winnipeg as a proud child of immigrant parents from Trinidad and Guyana, Paul is particularly interested in Winnipeg’s diverse population and likes to dive into deep conversations with new people to hear their stories.

It’s through those stories, and learning about one another, that people come together, she said.

“We don’t always have to have the same point of view, but you know what? We as Manitobans probably have the same values,” she said.

In addition to sharing important news, the Weekend Morning Show is a celebration of community, with uplifting stories, laughs, tips for life, and an opportunity to connect with current events and each other. 

“My favourite thing about weekends is getting a chance to just reflect and reset for the next week, because it’s a brand new time,” Paul said.

“I get to wake up with everybody else and go on this amazing journey. And I’m down for it.”

Tune in to those stories on Saturdays and Sundays from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m. on CBC Radio One.

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