Health inspectors shut down Main Street hotel, leave residents scrambling for housing

The Manwin Hotel in Winnipeg has been suddenly shut down by provincial health inspectors, putting residents into the street.

A health hazard order was issued Wednesday against the Manwin Hotel on Main Street, near Logan Avenue, due to a lack of heat and water.

A provincial spokesperson said Manitoba Health was contacted about the heat issue and when inspectors arrived, they also found the water supply was compromised, which meant the fire sprinkler system was inoperable.

The hotel was immediately closed and will remain that way until the minimum standards listed in the health hazard order are met, the spokesperson said.

Representatives from the Manitoba Families Department, along with other officials, are working to find alternative housing for the residents. 

No information was provided on how many people were living in the hotel, which has been the site of many violent incidents over the years.

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, which is located directly across Main Street from the hotel, sent a health outreach team to the hotel on Wednesday before the doors were locked, a WRHA spokesperson said.

The team met with Manwin residents to assess any health concerns and ensure people had access to medications and other needs.

Space has been made available in the WRHA building for Manwin residents to meet with provincial officials about any concerns, while alternative housing is being sought.

As well, the Residential Tenancies Branch is working with tenants who have questions about compensation or rent refunds.

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