From recycling to Christmas decorations, Manitoba landfill getting creative for the holidays

WINNIPEG — Manitobans heading to the landfill north of Roblin are getting a festive welcome.

Sandra Stephanow and her husband, along with their creative staff members, run the municipal landfill where they’ve decorated the site for Christmas using recycled items brought to the landfill—which is something they also do for other events and holidays throughout the year.

“Everything has been donated. And the residents of the municipality, when they come into the landfill, they really seem to be pleased with the decorations, and they seem to keep adding to our decorations by bringing more stuff in,” said Stephanow in an interview Friday.

“They seem to love it,” she said.

The decorations boast an eclectic mix of garlands, large plastic candles, nativity scenes and figures of Santa Clauses, snowmen and more. 

Bows and wreaths adorn fence posts, and there’s even a snowman made of tires that are painted white stacked one on top of the other. The snowman has discarded chair casters for eyes and two different sized tires making up his black top hot.

“We have a young lady out there (at the landfill) who is very creative. She’s always painting and always fixing things up in between helping the residents as they come into the landfill,” said Stephanow.

She said they started decorating the landfill to make the community members more aware of recycling and show them how they can re-use items for other things. 

Betty Dayson, who lives in the Roblin area, says the staff have gone “above and beyond.”

“Throughout the year, I notice the little extra things that they do there to make it look nice,” said Dayson. “They do it just to make people smile when you come in, and it certainly makes me smile.” 

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