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‘Define our own destiny’: Winnipeggers rally for Trans and Two-Spirit Day of Visibility

Around 50 people gathered in front of the Manitoba Legislative Building Saturday to advocate for the future of gender diverse youth ahead of the Day of Visibility for Transgender and Two-Spirit people.

The rally was co-organized by Mikayla Hunter, a representative from the Manitoba 2SLGBTQIA+ Student Action Coalition. She said gatherings like this one are especially important for young trans people in need of a safe space and a supportive network.

“Every time that we’re rallying for trans and gender diverse youth, it’s really to make sure they can have a future because it’s in jeopardy right now,” Hunter said.

Jordan Anglin-Reimer said the event gives trans people a platform to bring attention and awareness to adversities they face.

“The conversation about our own rights is really dominated by transphobes and not by ourselves,” said Anglin-Reimer. “It’s important to amplify our voices and be able to define our own destiny as a community.”

Both Anglin-Reimer and Hunter also emphasized the importance of representation in leadership positions. Logan Oxenham is Manitoba’s first transgender MLA, while Uzoma Asagwara is the province’s first non-binary MLA.

“I had never felt more safe than I did at the moment that (Asagwara) were announced to be deputy premier and the minister for health,” Hunter said. “I knew that regardless of what was going to happen in the next coming days and weeks and months that at least I was safe because they were there.”

However, they also recognized the scrutiny still facing trans youth, including the Progressive Conservative party’s push for parental consent in classrooms when it comes to students changing their preferred gender pronouns.

“Parental rights are inherently transphobic,” said Hunter. “Regardless if you’re saying specifically with regards to sexual minorities or if you’re talking about queer and gender diverse kids, that is transphobic.”

“People should be able to come out on their terms to who they want when they’re ready to,” they added.

Trans Day of Visibility is officially observed on March 31. 

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