Curbside giveaway weekend returns to Winnipeg after pandemic hiatus

Winnipeggers looking to unload — or acquire — an eclectic mix of free stuff will have the chance to do so again next weekend after missing out on the opportunity last year.

The City of Winnipeg two-day giveaway weekend returns Sept. 11-12. The event was axed last year due to pandemic concerns.

Winnipeggers wanting to get rid of unwanted items can place them near the curb in front of their houses for passersby to peruse and potentially take home with them.

Each item has to include a sticker or sign with the word “free” on it to ensure people aren’t unwittingly making off with a garden gnome or plant pot nearby in someone’s yard that isn’t up for grabs. You can print out “free” signs from the city website.

Anything that’s still at the curb come dusk on Sunday, Sept. 12, should be removed, the city said.

Items to consider curbing:

  • Books, CDs, DVDs.
  • Furniture, electronics and appliances.
  • Sports gear and toys.
  • Yard and gardening tools, including mowers, blowers, rakes and shovels.
  • Kitchen gadgets, dishes, cutlery, pots and pans.
  • Construction material, including wood, paint and nails.
  • Clothes.

Don’t put out mattresses, furniture or bedding that’s been infested with bedbugs.

Anything deemed unsafe and illegal for resale or free giveaway also isn’t allowed. That includes lawn darts with long tips, baby walkers, infant self-feeding devices or polycarbonate baby bottles containing bisphenol A (BPA). The federal government includes other items unsafe for giveaways on its website.

Anyone thinking about taking home any curbside items is also encouraged to inspect them closely to make sure they’re in good condition.

People should keep off driveways and lawns. Don’t ditch any of your own personal items on someone else’s property, and stick to local traffic laws by not blocking traffic, driveways or parking illegally, the city says.

More information about giveaway weekend is available on the city’s website.

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