Court case over Manitoba PC leadership race adjourned to Nov. 19


Shelly Glover’s court case to quash the PC leadership vote was adjourned until November 19.

Lawyers for Glover, the PC party, and Heather Stefanson were in court Thursday morning.

The judge agreed to hear preliminary matters on November 19, on whether the court has jurisdiction to hear this, and if other parties, like Premier Heather Stefanson, should be involved in the case if she chooses to join.

Lawyers for the PC party asked for a longer delay, but the judge said this is a matter of public interest and Manitobans need an answer.

Stefanson won the leadership over Glover by 363 votes.

Glover has filed a motion asking a court to declare the results invalid and order a new vote over “substantial irregularities” with the count.

None of the allegations have been tested in court.

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