‘Continue to be below normal’: Cold weather continued in April in Winnipeg and parts of Manitoba

March in Manitoba saw below average temperatures and that trend has continued in April according to Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC).

Starting in Winnipeg, Natalie Hassell, a warning preparedness meteorologist with ECCC, said April hasn’t been much better compared to last month.

“That trend continued at the beginning of April. In the second week of April, we saw maybe a day or two where temperatures were above normal and they’ve since fallen either below normal or slightly closer to seasonal,” said Hassell.

She said the normal high for this time of year is 13 degrees, while the temperature as of Friday afternoon was six degrees.

“So it gives you an idea of how much below normal things are and they’re going to continue to be below normal, at least until the middle of next week.”

Looking at previous years, Hassell said the month of April has been back and forth since 2019, with temperatures near normal in 2019, cooling a bit in 2020 and 2021, but then closer to seasonal temperatures in 2022.

“That’s not that unusual that there’s quite a bit of variability in the Aprils of the last couple of years.”

When asked what has led April 2023 to be cooler than most, Hassell said there have been a number of arctic ridges sitting over the province, which has brought cold air and a clear sky.

With the sky being clear, any heat that existed disappeared instead of being trapped in by clouds.

She added, even with low pressure systems coming into Manitoba, the warm air from the south hasn’t made it up high enough to bring the warm temperatures.

“So we got the weather associated to a passage of a low pressure system, but because the low stayed to our south, we stayed in the cold air mass.”

Looking at other parts of the province, Hassell said most of southern Manitoba had similar weather to Winnipeg, with the most southwestern part of the province feeling it the worst.

Central Manitoba has so far been having average temperatures as well as most of the north, with the exception of northwestern Manitoba, which she said has been experiencing above average temperatures.

“There is a warm trend sitting through a lot of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut and it spreads into the northwest corner of Manitoba.”

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