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Colleen Bready’s forecast: Sunshine state of mind in Manitoba

What a great June day across Manitoba and northwestern Ontario on Friday!

The sun is shining, winds are light and temperatures are warm.

Overall, very nice conditions to start off the Red River Ex later this afternoon, head out to cottage country, a round of golf, or to fire up the barbeque.

Daytime highs today in the south will reach the mid-20s while temperatures across the north will climb into the upper teens and low 20s.

Most regions across Manitoba will be partly cloudy tonight with a low chance of showers in a few areas, but sky conditions will generally be quiet.

Things do change on Saturday, though.

There is a good chance of showers with the risk on thunderstorms in Winnipeg and across the south.

Sunday is Father’s Day and Manitoba Marathon day in Winnipeg.

Runners should be prepared for the possibility of running in rain showers in the morning.

Drier conditions with a mix of sun and cloud are expected in the afternoon for dad. 

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