Canada-U.S. border restrictions extended another month to June 21

OTTAWA — CTV News has learned that the Canada-U.S. border will remain closed to non-essential travel for at least another month, just days before the current agreement was set to expire.

“Minister Blair is in regular contact with his American counterparts about issues relating to our shared border. Until the conditions on both sides of the border change very substantively, the measures at our borders will remain intact,” said James Cudmore, the director of communications for the minister of public safety, in a statement to when asked about the status of the situation on Monday.

According to CTV News’ Vaccine Tracker, the U.S. has vaccinated 47.19 per cent of its population with a first dose, and 37.03 per cent have received both shots. Canada has vaccinated 46.05 per cent of its population with a first dose and just 3.77 per cent have received two doses.

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