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Buzz off: City of Winnipeg’s mosquito larviciding program underway

A pesky insect is gearing up for its heyday.

“The snow has melted and spring rains are occurring which means mosquito season is here,” said superintendent of insect control, David Wade in a release.

To battle the buzz, the City of Winnipeg has officially kicked off its annual mosquito control program.

It targets spring mosquitoes starting to hatch in water-filled ditches and low-lying areas.

The ‘environmentally mindful strategy’ will see more than 28,000 hectares of water area surveyed with ground equipment and four helicopters.

New Jersey Light Traps will also be utilized to monitor for adult nuisance mosquitoes.

The city will only use adult mosquito treatments when the requirements of its policy, the Adulticiding Factor Analysis guidelines, and the Provincial Pesticide Permit, are met.

If nuisance mosquito treatment is needed, the program will use the insecticide DeltaGard 20EW.

The city says areas with the highest nuisance mosquito populations will be prioritized, and buffer zones will be respected.

It will also put out a 24-hour public notice prior to the start of any fogging, and will issue daily public notices detailing where treatment will take place that evening.

To assist with efforts, the city wants you to dump out any standing water from containers, such as wheelbarrows, bird baths, and kiddie pools when not in use, and to drain water from gutters.

You should also also cover rainwater collection containers and larger pools and water tables.

The first trap counts will be posted on the insect control website on May 8.

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