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Born without front legs, this dog has been inspiring the world for 3 years: Dresden farm owner

A sanctuary dedicated to animals with disabilities is celebrating the third birthday of one of its most popular residents.

Born without front legs, Winnie has become an inspirational figure at Charlotte’s Freedom Farm, defying expectations by living life to the fullest and racking up a social media audience of more than 100,000 followers on Instagram.

The farm opened its property to the public Saturday for Winnie’s third birthday party, centred around a dinosaur theme.

“People always say he looks like a dinosaur. When kids see his picture, they always say he looks like a T. rex,” said farm owner Lauren Edwards.

Winnie frequently visits schools, retirement homes and community events, spreading joy and challenging perceptions about animals with disabilities, according to Edwards.

“He’s just a great dog that has really surpassed what people expected from him. He just likes to show people he doesn’t care about his disability,” said Edwards. “He’s very inspiring to people because he helps put things in perspective.”

Charlotte’s Freedom Farm is home to several animals with disabilities, including many who use wheelchairs or prosthetics to get around.

“These dogs wouldn’t have been given a chance anywhere else. A lot of times, people look at one of ours dogs and assume they can’t live a good life. But we’re proving them wrong,” said Edwards.

“Winnie can jump on the couch like a kangaroo, just with his back legs.”

Tap on the video above to see Winnie (and his friends) at his third birthday party.

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