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Auditor general calls for improvements to Manitoba Archives

Manitoba’s auditor general said there are significant risks to the protection of preservation of Manitoba’s historical records, adding that some records remain unavailable to the public

Tyson Shtykalo released a report into the Archives of Manitoba, and its handling of artifacts.

“While all public servants have a responsibility for recordkeeping, the Archives has an oversight role,” Shytkalo wrote. “However, we found that the Archives had no process to ensure records were transferred to its care, and had not established and communicated a formal record-keeping policy.”

The report also noted uptake for recordkeeping training was low, even as the demand from governments and departments was growing.

“The risk of records not being properly captured or retained is reduced when all staff have a clear understanding of what should be archived,” Shtykalo wrote.

The report also found the archives lack the ability to acquire, protect, preserve, and provide access to digital records, and upgrades are needed to its physical and environmental protection systems to ensure current holdings are secure.

CTV News has reached out to the Archives of Manitoba for comment.

The full report can be found below.

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