AMC calls on feds for help in Red Sucker Lake suicide crisis

The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) is offering support to Red Sucker Lake First Nation during a suicide crisis, and calling on the Canadian government to do something about it.

The First Nation declared a state of emergency Thursday, requesting a crisis team and mental health workers following a series of suicides and attempted suicides in the community.

In a news release, the AMC said Chief Samuel Knott declared a state of emergency after 17 recent suicide attempts and the most recent suicide of a 16-year-old on Tuesday.

“Chief Knott stated that they need more resources and supports so that youth have something to look forward to and to promote a deeper sense of purpose and passion,” said the release.

The AMC is calling on the federal government to commit to working with First Nation leadership to find solutions that will benefit the lives of youth living on the reserve. This includes funding for the creation of programs, spaces, and resources for young people.

“Our youth are our future, and they will one day be leaders and change-makers,” AMC Deputy Grand Chief Cornell McLean said in the release. “We cannot afford to lose them due to dispassionate politics.”

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