Ambulance engulfed in flames outside of Paint Lake, Man.


An ambulance went up in flames while travelling from the Keeyask Generating Station to Winnipeg on Friday. No injuries were reported.

Emergency vehicle caught fire during trip from Keeyask to Winnipeg on Highway 6

An ambulance goes up in flames on Highway 6 during a trip to Winnipeg from the Keeyask Generating Station in northern Manitoba. (Skilled Truckers Canada)

An ambulance travelling from the Keeyask Generating Station to Winnipeg on Friday went up in flames near Paint Lake, Man.

The fire started in the back of the ambulance but whether it was mechanical or equipment-related still isn’t known, Manitoba RCMP said.

The driver was the only occupant and got out of the vehicle uninjured.

Thompson RCMP went to the scene of the fire, which occurred at 9:45 a.m. on Highway 6. Vale Mine Fire and Thompson Fire also went and put out the flames.

The ambulance was destroyed.

Paint Lake is more than 600 kilometres north of Winnipeg and about 200 kilometres from Keeyask.

Police are investigating.

The ruins of the ambulance that went up in flames near Paint Lake, Man., on Highway 6, sit at the side of the road. (Skilled Truckers Canada)

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