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‘Absolutely insane:’ Father upset with police response after son attacked on Winnipeg bus

A Winnipeg father is upset and angry with the response from Winnipeg police after his son was attacked while riding home on a route number 14 bus Tuesday night.

Kevin Leclair told CTV News his son Troy, 27, was riding a Winnipeg Transit bus home from work on Tuesday when he was attacked at the corner of St. Anne’s Road and St. Mary’s Road at approximately 6:30 p.m.

“He was playing on his phone. Then all of a sudden, some guy came up to him and just started punching him in the head, and then dragged him. He was kind of close to the back of the bus and the bus just stopped and open the doors. And the guy dragged them by his coat out the door and started hitting him and smashing his head on one of the poles out there.”

“My son got away. He went through the front door and the bus driver closed the door behind them, and they left.”

Kevin said Troy is “banged up” and recovering from the incident, noting he cannot chew his food.

When his son got home, they called 911, but were told to call the non-emergency line.

“I phoned back there three times. And basically they told me they’ll get there when they get there, which is pretty crazy,” Kevin said.

Kevin was disheartened with the response.

“I was telling somebody this morning, it’s easier to investigate a murder than it is to prevent it. It’s just absolutely insane the way the city is going,” he said.

The Winnipeg Police Service said it is aware of the incident, and is investigating.

More to come.

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