A timeline of what we know about 4 slain Winnipeg women and alleged serial killer Jeremy Skibicki

WARNING: This story contains distressing details.

The news was shocking: four women, all allegedly killed in Winnipeg by the same man in a span of two months.

Rebecca Contois, 24, remembered at a vigil as someone who “always had a heart for everything.” 

Morgan Harris, 39, whose daughter said the mother of five and grandmother was “happy-go-lucky” and “silly.” 

Marcedes Myran, 26, whose grandmother remembers her as happy, smiley and trusting

And a fourth woman who, until she’s identified, has been given the name Mashkode Bizhiki’ikwe, or Buffalo Woman.

The three women whose identities are known were all First Nations, and police have said they believe the unidentified woman was also Indigenous. Their deaths have sparked calls for action to do more to protect Indigenous women and girls.

Jeremy Skibicki, 35, is charged with first-degree murder in all four deaths. His lawyer says his client intends to plead not guilty on all counts. His next court date is set for Jan. 13.

mugshot of bearded man
Jeremy Skibicki’s lawyer says his client will plead not guilty to the charges he faces. (Jeremy Skibicki/Facebook)

According to court documents and hearings, Skibicki threatened to kill two previous partners in the last seven years.

Here’s a timeline of what we know so far about the four women Winnipeg police say were the victims of an alleged serial killer and the man accused of killing them.

Dec. 9, 2022 

The chair of Winnipeg’s police board says officials are trying to find a way to search for the bodies of Morgan Harris and Marcedes Myran. 

Police believe their remains were disposed of in the Prairie Green landfill, north of the city.

Dec. 8, 2022 

Operations are paused at the Prairie Green landfill after calls from family and Indigenous leaders to search for the women’s remains.

An aerial shot shows a vast, snow-covered field.
An aerial view of the Prairie Green landfill in the rural municipality of Rosser in Manitoba. (Trevor Brine/CBC)

Dec. 6, 2022

Police say they believe Harris and Myran’s remains are at the Prairie Green landfill, but say it wouldn’t be feasible to search for them there.

Earlier the same day, Harris’s daughters Cambria and Kera call on police to do whatever it takes to find the remains of their mother and the other women killed.

Morgan Harris’s daughter, Cambria Harris, spoke at a news conference in Ottawa on Dec. 6 demanding police search for her mother’s remains. (Justin Tang/The Canadian Press)

Dec. 4, 2022

A previously unnamed woman who police allege was killed by Skibicki is given a name by the community: Mashkode Bizhiki’ikwe, or Buffalo Woman.

People gather for a vigil at The Forks on Sunday, Dec. 4. (Chelsea Kemp/CBC)

Police previously said she’s believed to be Indigenous and in her 20s, but won’t say how they determined that.

Dec. 1, 2022

Police announce Skibicki has been charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of Harris, Myran and the woman who will later be given the name Buffalo Woman.

He was already in custody, having been charged with one other count of first-degree murder in Contois’s death months earlier.

September 2022

Myran’s family reports her missing, months after she was last seen.

Myran’s grandmother, Donna Bartlett, said Myran’s mother was initially afraid to go to the police because she was scared to learn that something had happened to her.

Donna Bartlett holds up a poster for her granddaughter, Marcedes Myran, after she was reported missing. (Tyson Koschik/CBC)

June 21, 2022

Police announce human remains found at the Brady Road landfill in Winnipeg a week earlier have been identified as those of Rebecca Contois.

A person holds a sign remembering Rebecca Contois at a vigil in Winnipeg for the 24-year-old on May 19. (Sam Samson/CBC)

June 20, 2022

Homicide investigators determine Harris and Myran’s remains were likely at the Prairie Green landfill, but do not disclose this publicly until December.

Police believe two women killed by suspected by a suspected serial killer lie somewhere with the Prairie Green landfill, a private facility north of Winnipeg. (Jeff Stapleton/CBC)

Sometime around this date, the police forensics team is also notified.

By then, about 10,000 loads of debris had been dumped on the load they were interested in, police later say.

June 15, 2022

Police announce they’ve found partial human remains at the Brady Road landfill in Winnipeg during a two-week search connected with the killing of Contois.

An aerial view of the Brady Road landfill during the Winnipeg Police Service’s investigation this past summer. (Winnipeg Police Service)

June 2, 2022

Police begin searching Winnipeg’s Brady Road landfill for Contois’s remains.

May 19, 2022

Police announce they’ve charged Skibicki with first-degree murder and detained him in custody. 

They also identify Contois as the person whose partial remains were discovered near a North Kildonan apartment building earlier that week.

Officers in white suits were seen going through garbage bins behind a North Kildonan apartment building in May. The partial remains discovered there were later determined to belong to Rebecca Contois. (Travis Golby/CBC)

Police say they’ve executed a search warrant on Skibicki’s residence and announce a potential scene has been identified at the Brady Road landfill.

Because of the circumstances, police say investigators have not ruled out the possibility of more victims.

May 18, 2022

Police arrest Skibicki in connection with the death of the woman they will later identify as Contois.

May 16, 2022

Police search through garbage bins behind a North Kildonan apartment.

That search was prompted after partial remains, later confirmed to belong to Contois, were found.

This is also the day police believe the remains of Harris and Myran were transported to the Prairie Green landfill.

A dump truck is seen behind a chain-link fence on the property of a landfill.
A dump truck is seen depositing trash at the Prairie Green landfill north of Winnipeg. (Jeff Stapleton/CBC)

May 14 or 15, 2022

Police allege Skibicki killed Contois on or around one of these dates, court documents show.

May 4, 2022

Police allege Skibicki killed Myran on or around this date, court documents show.

May 1, 2022

Police allege Skibicki killed Harris on or around this date, court documents show.

This was also the date Harris was last seen, near the area of Main Street and Henry Avenue in Winnipeg, police say later in May, when they announce she is missing.

Framed photos of two women sit on a long table covered by a red plastic cloth, with six unlit candles sitting between them.
Long Plain First Nation paid homage to band members Harris and Myran in early December, after police announced they had charged Skibicki in their deaths. (Radio-Canada)

March 15, 2022

Police believe Skibicki killed the woman the community has named Mashkode Bizhiki’ikwe, or Buffalo Woman, on or around this date, court documents show.

March 15, 2022

This is the last time Myran had contact with her family, her grandmother says.

She was last seen in Winnipeg’s North End sometime that month, her family says.

A woman wearing winter clothse stands among a crowd of others outsides, holding a sign reading "Find Her."
People gather at the Dec. 4 vigil at The Forks. (Chelsea Kemp/CBC)

Sept. 4, 2019

A year after they got married, Skibicki’s estranged wife is granted a protection order against him for three years. She alleges in both an application for the order and a hearing that she suffered a litany of abuse at his hands and that he threatened to kill her.

Sept. 4, 2018

Skibicki marries the woman who is his now-estranged wife. She later says in a protection order hearing that she was “under the influence” on their wedding day and went to detox for meth four days later.

Dec. 21, 2015

A different woman, who is then Skibicki’s common-law partner, files for a protection order against him, saying in her application she feared “he won’t stop until I’m dead.”

Her request is dismissed. It’s not clear why, but the conditions of Skibicki’s probation from a conviction for an assault against her months before required that he stay away from his partner and not make contact for two years.

Skibicki threatened to kill two previous partners in the last seven years, according to a court hearing involving one woman and a protection order filed by the other. (Darren Bernhardt/CBC)

Aug. 26, 2015

Skibicki is convicted of assaulting his common-law partner. After spending about two months behind bars, he’s sentenced to two years of probation. 

June 15, 2015

Skibicki assaults his common-law partner. According to a statement of facts later agreed to by Crown and defence attorneys, Skibicki grabbed his pregnant partner’s hair and punched her in the face several times, then tried to strangle her. He also told her he would kill her if she called police.

Support is available for anyone affected by details of this case. If you require support, you can contact Ka Ni Kanichihk’s Medicine Bear Counselling, Support and Elder Services at 204-594-6500, ext. 102 or 104 (within Winnipeg), or 1-888-953-5264 (outside Winnipeg).

Support is also available via Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak’s Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Liaison unit at 1-800-442-0488 or 204-677-1648.

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