‘A sold-out class full of passionate women’: The new training for female filmmakers in Winnipeg

A cinematic seminar from Film Training Manitoba (FTM) is encouraging aspiring female filmmakers to learn more about the industry.

The two-day course was held at FTM’s Pacific Avenue production offices over the weekend, its purpose was to encourage female-identified, trans, and non-binary people to get into filmmaking.

“Basically, we just want to see more women in the film industry in Manitoba, especially in the camera department,” said cinematographer Tamara Roshka, one of three teachers in the program.

On day one, students got an overview of three different camera systems and how to build them. On day two they learned about camera movement, stabilization and process, and covered the culture of film sets.

“We have a sold-out class full of passionate women that are just really interested in cameras,” said Roshka.

She said the film industry is overwhelmingly male dominated. “Especially in Manitoba, there has been a disparagingly wide difference.”

But female numbers are growing. “There’s been more women that are interested in cameras, more women that are interested in the film industry. It’s been really great,” said Roshka.

She said students were engaged in the classes all weekend, and she is optimistic about the future of women working in film.

This was the first time this course had been offered at FTM, but Roshka said they hope to have more in the future.

‘This course is really beneficial because it makes it more accessible,” said Roshka. “(The) women are feeling more confident in their knowledge and getting into the industry.”

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