4 Saskatchewan hunters dinged $12K, and likely more, for illegally shooting moose in Manitoba

Four hunters from Saskatchewan are at least $12,000 lighter in the wallet after being caught shooting moose inside a protected area in Manitoba.

Saskatchewan conservation officers noticed a suspicious vehicle driving along the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border northwest of Riding Mountain National Park on Aug. 28, then saw hunters cross into Manitoba and shoot two moose inside a conservation area, a news release from the Manitoba government said Friday.

The officers called colleagues from Manitoba, who seized a rifle and other hunting equipment along with a cow and calf moose.

The hunters were also hit with a $12,000 restitution notice and an order to appear in court, where a judge will determine any further penalties.

The moose were donated to First Nations communities in the area.

The fine was reported in an enforcement update that also said a restitution notice for $3,108 was handed to two people illegally fishing using gill nets in Lake Manitoba, fishing without a licence and unlawfully possessing fish caught without a licence.

The pair were caught Sept. 3 in the Ashern area, the news release said. Officers also seized a boat, outboard motor, 74 walleye, one quillback and fishing gear, including two gill nets.

In early October, conservation officers from Dauphin found someone dressed in camouflage and hunting a moose from an all-terrain vehicle along Highway 5.

The hunter had fired — and missed — three shots at the moose from the opposite side of the highway, the enforcement update said. The hunter was charged $672 for discharging a firearm across a provincial road.

Later that evening, about 1.5 kilometres from the first incident, conservation officers received a call from a landowner who said someone had shot a moose on their property without permission.

When officers arrived, they found a hunter, who was charged with hunting on private land without permission and possession of illegally taken wildlife, with a restitution notice and fines totalling $4,282.

The gun was seized and the moose later donated.

Anyone with information on illegal activity is urged to call their local Natural Resources and Northern Development office or the Turn in Poachers (TIP) line at 1-800-782-0076.

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