Wild video captures moment tornado touches down in Uxbridge, Ont.

New video has emerged showing the moment a tornado touched down in Uxbridge, Ont. over the weekend, ripping the roof off a local brewery in the process.

The footage was captured by several cameras attached to a Tesla that was parked outside the Second Wedge Brewery on Victoria Street.

It shows the sky quickly darkening as the EF2 tornado first touched down in the area on Saturday afternoon.

A camera positioned at the rear of the vehicle initially shows heavy winds pummeling a tent that had been set up outside the brewery, tearing up the canopy and bending the metal frame.

Then within seconds a stream of debris, including what appears to be lumber from the brewery’s roof, starts to fly through a shot captured by a front facing camera.

The whole thing unfolds over about two minutes of footage and by the time it is done you can see another parked vehicle with at least two broken windows and a mound of debris in the foreground.

The co-founder of the brewery told CTV News Toronto earlier this week that the business had just opened but will now be closed for upwards of a year due to the damage, which included a roof that was mostly ripped off.

Debris is shown hitting a vehicle in Uxbridge as a EF2 tornado touched down over the weekend. (CanuckChris/YouTube)

The brewery is one of at least 35 properties in Uxbridge that was heavily damaged as a result of the storm.

“This was our opening weekend. We brewed beer to get that going. Now, we’re not going anywhere,” Second Wedge Brewery co-founder Robert Garrard said. “If it’s a tear down, our adjusters estimated it could be a year. Not sure what that means for us because I don’t think we can sustain a year.”

Saturday’s storm caused widespread damage throughout Uxbridge, prompting the town to declare a state of emergency.

Mayor Dave Barton has previously described the situation on the ground as “dire.”

The tornado footage was provided to CP24 by Toronto resident Chris Kreasul, who was visiting the brewery at the time.

He said on Twitter that his vehicle was “beat up” following the storm but that he was able to safely drive his family home.

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