Where should I go for COVID-19 testing in Ontario? Here’s a guide

The landscape around COVID-19 testing in Ontario has gotten more complicated in recent days.

While it was once the case that anyone could head to an assessment centre and get a test (in fact, provincial officials spent months advocating that people do just that), things have changed as demand has surged.

Now, the province says it is opening up appointment-only testing at some pharmacies for most asymptomatic people, and reserving testing at assessment sites for people with symptoms — and several other specific instances.

Here’s your guide for where you should get tested for COVID-19 in Ontario.

I have COVID-19 symptoms. Where do I go?

Go to an assessment centre.                        

I have no symptoms, but I want a test anyway. Where should I go?

Make an appointment at a pharmacy. The province has said that testing will be available at 60 pharmacies by week’s end, with a plan to expand the initiative later — although representatives at some pharmacies on the list have told CBC News they will not be ready by Friday.

What if I get an alert from public health or the COVID-19 app about a possible exposure?

Then you should go to an assessment centre.

Someone in my household tested positive. Where do I go?

Go to an assessment centre.

I’m considered part of a COVID-19 outbreak. Where should I go?

To an assessment centre.

The province has also said it will conduct asymptomatic testing in certain populations, like long-term care and health-care workers.

You can also use the province’s online assessment tool to help point you in the right direction.


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