Two teens denied bail in fatal ‘swarming’ of Toronto homeless man

Two teens accused in the fatal swarming-style stabbing of a Toronto homeless man were denied bail on Tuesday.

Four teens also accused in the attack were previously released from custody on bail. Two more youths will appear in court this week.

Eight girls between the ages of 13 and 16 years old allegedly swarmed and stabbed a man later identified as 59-year-old Ken Lee near Union Station in mid-December.

Lee died in hospital after sustaining life-threatening injuries in the seemingly random attack.

The girls’ identities are protected by the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

On Dec. 29, the first teen was released on the condition of remaining under house arrest in the presence of a person who has agreed to be responsible for them.

If the school board permitted, she was allowed to attend classes. However, internet and cellphone use, along with contacting a co-accused, was not allowed.

The remaining two teens will appear in court on Thursday and Friday. 

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